Festivalito Rural  2012



Milonga pass: 50€

  • Includes entrance to all 5 milongas of the Festivalito.
  • We would like us to experience the festivalito together, as a unit: warm up on Friday, get tired on Saturday and say goodbye on Sunday. That's why it is only possible to buy the milonga pass: we're not selling tickets for individual milongas.
  • Club Terazza is a small and intimate place, so the number of milonga participants is limited and the registration obligatory!


We believe that learning is most effective when we are free from time pressure. We want you to get to know the teachers and the teachers to get to know you! That's why you can only book blocks of classes on Festivalito Rural. The price is 20€ / 90 minutes, so on:

  • Friday (1 x 90min): 20€
  • Saturday (3 x 90min): 60€
  • Sunday (2 x 90min): 40€

The hard-work discount: If you attend the Saturday and/or Sunday classes, the Friday class will cost you only 15€.

You must register to attend the classes.