Festivalito Rural  2012


All dancers, all friends...

Almabruja Italy

... describes herself like this (p.c.):

I play a selection of traditional music that ranges from 30s to 50s, organized into tandas and cortinas. Inevitable D'Arienzo, Biagi, Rodriguez, Fresedo, Di Sarli, Tipica Victor, Lomuto, but also Malerba, Troilo, Donato, Laurenz, Calò. I have a real soft spot for Canaro. Varela or Pugliese in moderation. On certain evenings a modern tanda can slip (but not at Festivalito Rural!), a mixed tanda usually containing some older music too, or a Rock & Roll or Chacarera cortina.

I construct tandas as a dancer and I select them according to the interpretation of the messages coming from the dance floor, in the belief that the DJ should provide service to the dancers. I play music with a dual purpose: to free the largest number of chairs in the room and ... satisfy the ear of those who, by will, fatigue or a bit of bad luck, remain seated.

The rarest piece of the evening is never just for ears and I try to propose it with respect to the balance created during the evening. Deep respect and sincere admiration for Piazzolla's tango, but I reserve the right to hear it at home with a good red wine glass.

Andreas Wichter Germany/UK

... describes himself like this: [source]

I play traditional tangos, valses and milongas, almost exclusively from the Golden Era. If you want your DJ playing pop songs, don´t hire me. I firmly believe that the tangos of the classic era, played by the dozen or so best orchestras like Di Sarli, Pugliese or Biagi, were the best music ever recorded for tango dancing and have so far never been equalled. I use tandas and cortinas.

I have DJed at milongas and festivals in Germany, France, Luxembourg and the UK.

Philippe Gonella - Gitango France

Founder of the Milongueando France association. Promoter of tango in its most delicate expression, master and teacher of tango milonguero, wanderer, organizer (with Marcel Lambert) of the French encuentro Les Cigales. Gitango Philippe puts all of himself in the music selection for the night and, almost magically, he achieves that the shoes are dancing by themselves! [source]

Lampis Greece/USA

... has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. He strongly believes that appropriate music is a critical factor for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. He focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor and keeps them there until the very end of the milonga. Lampis is a sought-after DJ and has been invited to festivals and major events from coast to coast in the USA as well as abroad. [p.c.]

Taşkın Deniz Turkey/Germany

Taskin Deniz is from Bursa, Turkey. After living in The Netherlands and Italy for several years, he moved to Freiburg in 2010. He has been dancing tango since 2008 and he started DJing recently. He likes playing classical tangos from 30s and 40s. He is a member of tango community Tango Project Freiburg. [source]