Welcome to Detlef and Melina's classes at

Festivalito Rural  2012



Embrace and relaxed communication

Duration: 1.5h

Tango is so much more than leading and following. This workshop is about an unbroken connection, to which both partners contribute equally by giving and receiving information. Discover Detlef and Melina's basic principles to enhance communication in the close embrace and to feel the relaxation of organic movements, that help us to communicate more clearly.

This class is recommended for everyone who has not yet taken classes with Detlef and Melina and for all who want to start the weekend by focussing on the basics of their Tango.


Smooth turns

Duration: 3 x 1.5h

The Saturday will be focussing on all kinds of turning movements. We'll start with intensive basic work on dissociation, pivots & ochos and go onto linear turns. From there, we'll develop a method of turning in the crossed system and vary our movements rhythmically. We will also discover the means to improvise freely in focussing on different beginnings and endings. The aim of this class are smooth movements where both partners feel comfortable.


Discover Di Sarli

Duration: 2 x 1.5h

Explore walking dynamics and expression on the basis of Di Sarli's manifold work. Di Sarli‘s music offers so much more than the 10 tracks that you‘ve been listening to millions of times in every beginners class. Carlos Di Sarli‘s music is an inspiration for every dancer and offers a rich variety when it comes to musical expression. He is „El Señor del Tango“.

The rules ;-)

Register in a couple. You want to work with someone you like, right?

Register for the whole day. You can only register for a block as a whole. On Saturday and Sunday, we don't offer separate classes. We want you to get to know the teachers and the teachers to get to know you! This way you will get the most out of the experience.

Register for more than one day ;-) We'd really like that! Actually, we're sure you will like it, too ;-)

Except on Friday, don't be an absolute beginner! Sorry, but at least some dancing experience is required for the Saturday and Sunday classes.

Register early! The number of participants is limited. Really.