Take a look at this GoogleMap with driving instuctions!

In case of bad, slippery road, a shuttle ride from the valley will be organized, so don't worry about the winter conditions.

  1. You will get to Ljubljana somehow... :-)
  2. Follow the signs for Škofja Loka
    1. After 12km (cca 15 min) from Ljubljana, turn left for Škofja Loka (actually you turn right to get off to the main road)
    2. After additional 6km, turn left to get to Škofja loka—just follow the signs
    3. After cca 1km you are in Škofja Loka, a town with a beautiful old city centre
  3. Follow the signs for skifield (smucisce) Stari vrh (direction: Železniki). From here on you should not trust your GPS—you are arriving into a secret area: we spent millions to fool the GPS, so uninvited or bad karma people would get lost somewhere in the mountains. :-) That would not apply to you, of course, however the database might be out of date!
    1. Follow the main road and signs for Stari vrh (after cca 8.5 km from Škofja Loka you have to turn left)
    2. After turning left, you will reach Spodnja Luša in 3km, where the parking will be organized for those taking the shuttle.
  4. If you will continue to drive by yourself, follow signs for Zapreval
    1. Turn left in Spodnja Luša
    2. After cca 300 m follow the right road
    3. After 3.5 km turn right (follow the signs)
    4. In cca 2 km you will reach the place

Once you leave the main road you will see tango signs. Basically it is less complicated as it looks, all our guests found it till now :-)

If you're in trouble, call me (Blaž): +386 41 465 032