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Festivalito Rural  2018


For the fourth year, Festivalito Rural will take place in a recently renovated 1912 mansion of Marianum Institute Veržej, Puščenjakova ulica 1, 9241 Veržej.

The mansion can be found in a village called Veržej , located in the flat part of Prlekija region in eastern Slovenia, close to three(!) borders: Hungarian, Austrian and Croatian. Take a look at the GoogleMap!

The mansion is really big, so it easily hosts all our activities:

Milongas take place in a former chapel (now a seminar room) inside the mansion. This year, we have some good news: the wooden floor was renovated and new air conditioning was installed! The mosquito nets remain, just in case ;-) The room is somewhat oblong, true, but still wide enough to accommodate two ronda circles — no place for acrobats in the middle, though! :-) There is a bar next to the milonga hall — ideal for both a glass of wine during the milonga and the after-milonga beer! ;-)
Tango classes take place in the former chapel, as well.
The mansion contains a hostel! For details, see the accommodation section.
The mansion has a self-service restaurant. On-site accommodation includes breakfast and (buffet) dinner. (It is possible to join for dinner even when staying off-site.)

Veržej is a very small village with a supermarket, a post office, an ATM and a pub. All of these are within walking distance of the festivalito venue, of course.

Really, the only shoes you will have to put on in three days are the dancing ones :-) That is, unless you decide to take a walk along the Mura river and visit the floating mill, indulge in thermal pools in the neighbouring village Banovci, take a walk across the fields or drive to the vineyards around Jeruzalem for some winetasting.