Welcome to bodywork classes at

Festivalito Rural  2015

Bodywork classes are offered by Laura Vonnegut, a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method and a tango dancer (both roles) from Regensburg. Laura teaches individual sessions as well as classes for groups in Regensburg (“Movement class” and "More silence in your head"). The main focus of her work is teaching how to pay more attention to the body and to free yourself from fixed patterns of movement, fixed posture and behaviour. Another area she works on concerns chronic or acute pain.

Group sessions

During the bodywork classes we will experience different ways of movement, leading to more variety in our tango dancing. Exercises will be proposed to increase the awareness of our body, which will help us release any unnecessary tension and recognize uncomfortable body posture while dancing tango. We will connect with our partner through breathing and a relaxed body, in order to have a higher level of energy and to be more flexible. We will not only have a lot of fun while learning but will also increase our level of energy and relaxation!

Bodywork will include:

  • exercises to pay attention to the selected areas of the body;
  • learning to be aware of unnecessary tension you create in these areas and relax them;
  • stopping movement to the music to learn to be more flexible in the body and to stop extra efforts in the selected areas;
  • learning to move with more variety (also while dancing tango to allow for more creativity and new movements);
  • training in the couple to release extra tension you normally create in given areas while dancing tango;
  • breathing exercises.

The two days of classes we will focus on different parts of the body:

  • Saturday: lower part of the body (feet, legs and pelvis)
  • Sunday: upper part of the body (belly, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head)

Duration: 90 min. Please come to the classes with comfortable clothing or sports wear.

Individual sessions

During Festivalito Laura will also offer individual sessions. You can work with her on the following:

  • Relax your feet and legs after long hours of dancing in milongas.
  • Learn to deal with a fixed and limiting posture or movement while dancing.
  • Release tension in your neck and shoulders.
  • Learn to stop a specific pain in your body.


  • 1h (a session on the working table)
  • 30 min (a session sitting on a chair)

To book an individual session, please send an email to Sašo after registering for the event.